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Popular TV shows you've never seen


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    Re: Popular TV shows you've never seen

    Originally posted by stinkerbell View Post
    I've never seen a cooking competition show. Like Iron Chef or Hell's Kitchen or anything like that.

    I've never seen Hannah Montana or That's so Raven or Suite Life of Zach and Cody. Thank. God.
    I actually sat through an insane number of episodes of Iron Chef because my grandpa said that my cousin was the sous chef (sp?) for one of the competitors (from Montana). So I sat through and kinda' got into it. Never saw my cousin. Called him up, asked "when is your episode of Iron Chef on?" and he was like "they disqualified us. {main chef, don't know the title} passed out and I finished cooking, but he had to finish and do the majority." Kinda' pissed me off that I watched so much of that show and it's not even very good.

    Rachel Ray, I used to watch her but when she became skinny I stopped watching.


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      Re: Popular TV shows you've never seen

      Originally posted by Disneyland Daddy View Post
      Personally, because MANY of us have not watched ALL of these shows, I think this is actually good, because it means that we're not glued to the TV.
      I was just actually thinking the same thing! I think we should all be proud of ourselves for not being slaves to all these shows! I was actually surprised when I saw my own list since I thought I watched a lot of TV.


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        Re: Popular TV shows you've never seen

        Yeah, I'm going to list shows I do watch. Much easier...

        Amazing Race
        Random Food TV Shows
        Deadliest Catch (sig anyone?)
        American Choppers
        Startgate Atlantis
        Battlestar Galaticia

        I'm only seeing Heroes now on DVD. Never saw it when it aired. A show here and there but that's what I watch regularly. All the shows most people listed I NEVER SAW as well. Old School Shows I never saw was Friends, Sienfield, ER, Ally McBeal.