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    Re: Dirty Sexy Money

    I would if you'd quit getting them first!!
    I love my awesome crazy wonderful friends!!

    "Do you remember in kindergarten, how you�d meet a kid,
    then 10 seconds later you�d be playing like you were best friends?"
    * * *



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      Re: Dirty Sexy Money

      I'll stay out of this, I'll take Tripp anyday. My love for the Sutherland men is well documented.


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        Re: Dirty Sexy Money

        Originally posted by stinkerbell View Post
        I love that you loved it. I feel like it can be sort of an Arrested Development-type show. The Darlings were very Bluth-like, and Peter Krause is our Michael (although normal).

        It's one of the best pilots I've seen in years.
        Oh Claire...NOTHING is an Arrested Development type!

        I like it too. I love Peter Krause from Six Feet Under. I LOVED that show!!! I was happy to see him on there. Also, love Dexter, which stars another Six Feet alumni.

        By the way, the illegitimate son of the priest, is one of my customer's grandson!!!!!! He came in showing off his headshots and saying, "My grandson is going to be in a new show called, "Dirty, Sexy, Money". I heard all about it this summer, and now, I get to see him in action. Pretty darn cool.


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          Re: Dirty Sexy Money

          Best part of this week's episode was Brian praying to God to have the arbitrator accept his brib.


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            Re: Dirty Sexy Money

            I loved this last episode and the fact that Brian is not a Darling, and Simon Elders and Karen got together, which wasn't much of a surprise though.

            The most touching part was when Brian was saying goodbye to his son, I was in tears.

            Hope this show lasts and isn't too affected by the writers strike.
            "a whole lot of nothin"


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              Re: Dirty Sexy Money

              It was fun watching the very first show last night - showing the family in the beginning and then seeing them now - Can't wait to see how Brian does in the business and everyone else
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                Re: Dirty Sexy Money

                I love love LOVE this show. Jeremy and Juliet are hilarious. Brian and Nick's relationship is fantastic and Donald Sutherland steals every scene he is in. There is one point no one has brought up yet though... this is the best dressed show on TV. Seriously, how beautiful are Donald Sutherland's suits?? Who does them? The show can't possibly have the budget for that many designer suits.

                Blair Underwood is delicious. It's nice to have some eye candy. Has anyone else noticed that Jeremy and Juliet are much smarter when they are in scenes together? They don't seem nearly so idiotic and spacey.
                I raise my Kitties right.... they only watch the finest shows.