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  • Stargate Atlantis

    Is there anybody here a Stargate fan?

    Well, I am. And even though it's parent show Stargate:SG-1 is over (yet there are 2 movies on the way) we still have Stargate: Atlantis, it's spin-off. And it's a really good spin-off.

    Staragte: Atlantis just started it's 4th season last Friday called "Adrift" It was the best season opener of any Sci-fi show I've seen in a while and it was awesome!

    I'm so ready for the next episode, "Lifeline"!! Adrift left us with a great cliff hanger.

    Here in the US, Stargate Atlantis is on every Friday night at 10/9c on the Sci-fi channel. If you haven't seen this great show catch up through all of the episodes here and then watch Season 4. But, be sure to watch the new episodes LIVE and don;t record on your DVR or Tivo.

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    Re: Stargate Atlantis

    I'm a Stargate fan! I'm not watching it right now, cuz I have no cable, but I do have many of the DVD boxed sets and watch every second of it. Even though SG-1 is over, it's good to see the regulars pop up here and there.
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      Re: Stargate Atlantis

      When I heard that Sam Carter was going to go to Atlantis full time I was a little peeved. My mind set, then, was 'keep Sg-1 people on SG-1'. But the idea grew on me. And I've seen pics from Joe M blog that Ronan makes an appearance on SG-1.


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