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  • Discovery Channel Specials

    Do these ever leave you feeling unsatisfied?

    I've seen several, and after sitting for 2 hours, I usually find that I end up with more questions than when the special started. The big two that I have in mind were the search for the giant squid and the hunt for the mammoth. We never got follow ups on what actually happened.

    I was watching a special the other night - again on the giant squid. And they showed the guy from the first special that was trying to catch a juvenile squid - he finally did at the end. But, in this new special, you found out it only lived for a few hours.

    As for the mammoth, did they ever thaw it out? What did they discover, etc.

    They're now doing a whole bunch of stuff on mummies - I have a feeling we're going to get a lot of "we may never know" conclusions.
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    Re: Discovery Channel Specials

    My biggest gripe are the coaster specials.

    We recorded one while we were in Florida and it starts off talking about Hypersonic at Kings Dominion being a 'new' coaster. Uhm, it opened in 2001. Not so new.

    They really need to do some new specials.


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