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Why is the site HelloGiggles always covering DIsney?


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  • BogLurch
    Light searching shows at least one of their "content generators" has fairly extensive back office Disney experience. I don't have the patience to dig too much further, but it's arguable that there may be a personal rather than institutional bias towards Disney content.

    Though frankly, the only thing HG exists for is to rack up the hit count. It's entirely likely that they've noticed you slap "Disney" on ANYTHING and hits go up. Bringing in people with PR sources back to the main company and maintaining a friendly relationship with them is probably another good reason they focus on Disney.

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  • Why is the site HelloGiggles always covering DIsney?

    Forgive me if this in the wrong space, but I have noticed dozens of articles over the last few months on various Disney things, always with a very positive slant. The articles are often on Yahoo's home page and often look like a news story but read like a commercial.

    Here is a link of an example -

    Does anything know anything about this? Are they being paid by Disney? Does Disney own the Hello Giggles site? None of that is terrible it just seems odd to me to act like this is news.

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