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Favorite Happy Days episode


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  • Favorite Happy Days episode

    My favorite, and it's really hard to choose, so many great ones. Nomber one has to be Episode #5 from season one, Hardware Jungle (2/12/74)

    Richie watches the hardware store instead of going to a rock concert. A waitress brings Moose some of his food, and the salt shaker is set to spill over the place. Potsie invites Gloria Hofstetter, Arlene's best friend, to the Rock 'n Roll Show. Richie tries to get tickets, but they are all sold out. Fonzie already sold his tickets to Iggy Wilson. Fonzie says he can get more for six bucks. Howard has a sore throat and eventually gives Richie the money. Dr. McKay comes to the house and checks Howard out. Howard has to have his tonsils taken out. Mr. Fenster is on vacation and Richie offers to take care of the hardware store on Saturday. Richie gives the tickets back to Fonzie for a refund. Richie then buys the tickets back, and Fonzie gives Richie a $1 for popcorn. Richie and Potsie get stuck in the store when Richie leaves the keys on the outside of the front door and Potsie allows the door to close. Richie breaks the glass door with his foot trying to get out through a small window at the top of the door. Richie stays at the store and listens to the concert on the radio.

    The runner up is episode 8 from season one, -The Skin Game (3/5/74)
    With pockets hiccups and Mrs. C. bringing them milke and cookies.

    If you need help remembering you favorite episode.
    Go to

    This was probably my most favorite show of the 70's.

    Anyway, what's your favorite episode?

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    -Walt Disney

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    Re: Favorite Happy Days episode

    I haven't watched this show is MANY years, so I can't think of any of the episodes. Even the episodes you've listed don't ring a bell.

    One that does come to mind, was a Halloween episode. Richie is dressed in a skeleton costume, and they are in an abandoned house, I think.


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      Re: Favorite Happy Days episode

      The one with Mork.


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        Re: Favorite Happy Days episode

        The one when Fonzie puts his arms around two girls.

        The one when Joanie is giggly and annoying.

        The one Ralph cracks a dumb joke.

        The one when Richie wears high water pants with white socks.

        The one when Mrs. Cunningham cooks dinner.

        In other words, I loved them all. :love:


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          Re: Favorite Happy Days episode

          My favorite episode is the one that coined the phrase "Jumped the shark".


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