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Mickey's 90th Spectacular - fail


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  • Mickey's 90th Spectacular - fail

    So, last night was "Mickey's 90th Spectacular". If you didn't get to watch it, thank the Lord Almighty. If you did watch it, I feel your pain.

    It used to be, anything from Disney represented "quality". However, in the era starting with Eisner and continuing to this day with Bob Iger and Bob "Cheapskate" Chapek, the cheapening of the brand Walt built up over many decades continues to erode.

    First, I watched "Mickey's 50th Celebration" back in 1978. That was a "Spectacular". It wasn't set on one stage like another oh-hum show we see day in and day out. Mickey's 50th was filmed in multiple locations, included famous people from all over the world, and was relevant to all generations.

    Last night's show appeared to be a typical Disney kids show which forgot what time slot they were in.

    Aside from two or three performers, the "talent" was questionable. First off, Kristine Bell opens the show. Yeah, that Kristine Bell. The one who told her child, "Don't you think that it's weird that the prince kisses Snow White without her permission? Because you cannot kiss someone if they're sleeping!"

    Sofia Carson, with her "death-grip" on the prop swing, singing "Part of your World" from Little Mermaid, was pretty much a yawner. Sorry, but she couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.

    NCT 127. Who? And WTF do they have anything to do with Mickey Mouse or anything "Disney". Other than Mickey dancing hip hop with them, It was only an embarrassment. Another Fast Forward moment.

    About the only redeeming moments were a good rendition of "Bare Necessities" by the Zac Brown Band, Meghan Trainor, who performed “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story, and "When You Wish Upon A Star" by Leslie Odom Jr., which was preceded by a segment showing the fine work of the "Make A Wish Foundation" showing a Down Syndrome child meeting Mickey Mouse (no dry eyes there).

    As for the rest of the "guests", most were pretty much a bunch of nobodys (unless you are 10). It's as if this show took Disney by surprise and they needed to fill a guest list last minute.

    The most head-scratching moment of the show. Mickey is on stage and Minnie Mouse comes to see him. They do a whole segment about The Love Story between Mickey and Minnie. And then Tori Kelly comes out and sings - get this - "Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas. WTF? I guess Disney figures they haven't locked down the Native American demographic yet. You mean from the entire Disney catalog of songs that's the one they pick to depict Mickey and Minnie's love story? I can think of a dozen songs more appropriate than that. What a joke.

    That was the theme of the show. A very disjointed conglomeration of half-baked performers showcasing their "talent" (or more appropriately, lack of). It seems Disney tried to be "hip and edgy" instead of the focus on Mickey. Nothing flowed and in most cases, unless you saw graphics of Mickey on the screen, you wouldn't know what the show was about.

    Looks like Iger doesn't fail to disappoint, even outside of Disneyland.
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    And to no surprise, it lost its time slot in the overnight ratings.
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      Yeah. Not so much. Whenever Disney tries to be ‘hip and edgy’ - like when Mickey was dancing hip hop in the opening musical number. Gives me second-hand embarrassment.
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