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A Few Strategies for ESPN


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  • A Few Strategies for ESPN

    • Walt Disney should invent proprietary sports and popularize them through ESPN.
    • Walt Disney should create proprietary sports leagues, including one that can substitute for the NFL and take advantage of its flaws (e.g., the health impacts of the game as it is played in that league, etc.).
    • Walt Disney should create and control its own sporting events, in general, and also discreetly license trademark rights, and the like, for betting purposes.
    • ESPN should expand the number of channels (especially through Hulu) and have them collectively appeal to a greater variety of people so that more individuals watch ESPN, value it, and want to keep it in the bundles.
    • ESPN should enlist viewers, themselves, to help in the effort to keep the costs of sports-rights licensing reasonable and to persuade non-viewers to continue subsidizing sports-rights licensing through the bundles; viewers can give ESPN leverage in negotiations if the subsidiary does more to build brand insistence among its existing subscribers.

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