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Hot for "Cold Case"?


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  • Hot for "Cold Case"?

    I like this show...especially the ones that deal with cases that are decades old.

    I enjoy the way they use music from the period in question. I like the effect of showing the younger/older person...the show reminds me in a sense of one of my favorite shows of the 90's, "Sisters" which used flashback effects quite well.

    There was an episode involving the murder of a returning VietNam POW last season...the end-scene effect set to Gordon Lightfoot's "If You Could Read My Mind" had tears flowing down my face.

    Any other "Cold Case" fans?
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    Re: Hot for "Cold Case"?

    Amazing show. I like it at the end when it shows the victims too. I agree with all your likes about it.

    My favorite episode is the one, Firefly. Or something. It involved this white girl and black girl (who recently moved in) becoming friends while everyone else hated them. It was so sad at the end, really. It makes you feel sorry for all the people who suffered from that horrible torture.


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