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  • Onward on Disney+

    We finally watched this today. It's a shame that this didn't get much of a chance due to timing. It's a really sweet and cute story. I highly recommend it!
    "I wish they all could be California Bears!"

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    My wife and I watched Onward on Disney+. We both felt the reviewers were kind and correct about the movie. The movie was nice and genial, but not too exciting. I felt that a committee somehow grabbed control of the movie and changed its original focus. There should have been more focus on the land itself and not so much on the boys. Also, I think much of the story involving the mother's chase of the boys with the Manticore was deleted for whatever reason. There seemed to be a real hole in the plot there. Finally, we wanted to see more Blazie! I would rate it with other Pixar films with Ratatouille or Up!, but it is no Nemo, Toy Story (1,2,or3), or Coco.


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