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Disney+ Current Subscribers - Gift Cards Not Valid For You!


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  • Disney+ Current Subscribers - Gift Cards Not Valid For You!

    Last year, I received a one year Disney+ gift card for my birthday. Awesome gift, love it! That same person gave me a gift card this year for my birthday so I could continue my subscription. Big mistake. The gift cards are only good for new subscriptions. After talking with customer service I had to cancel my current account and let it expire, then use the gift card to restart the account.

    In case you think this isn't a big problem for other people, go to the Disney+ help section and search for
    gift card
    . One of the first topics to come up is about trying to use a gift card with an existing account. To be fair, there is a very small sentence on the card stating that it is for new accounts only, but it is ridiculously small and how is a person just wanting to give a gift supposed to notice it. Most people see a gift card on a rack and think it is a good idea for a friend and buy it. How many gift cards have you purchased that could not be applied to an existing account? Apple? Amazon? Target? Netflix?

    If you think I'm being unreasonable with my complaint, that's fine, but be aware, don't buy the gift cards if you or the recipient already has an account.

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