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Where oh where is a Vault Disney Channel?


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  • Where oh where is a Vault Disney Channel?

    Wasn't sure where else to post the question, but given the incredible interest in all things Disney evidenced by all the Disney blogs, forums, etc. Would a cable channel that was strictly Vault Disney not get an audience?
    I am sure there are those who remember when Disney Channel had Vault Disney on late at night and you got to see such great stuff.
    I'd love the see the Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin again, Emil and the Detectives,
    Appvn Gallagher, Swamp Fox, the "I'm No Fool" series, Johnny Tremain, all the great years of the various iterations of the Wonderful World of Color. How many young Disney fans have never seen Old Yeller or Toby Tyler? Or even Pollyana and the Moonspinners? What about The Boatniks? All the great Kurt Russel and Dean Jones movies? The Apple Dumpling Gang?
    Some of the shows were cheesy, but some were classics.

    So why not a Vault Disney Channel? Or even get some play on the ABC Family Channel?
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    Disney+ will pretty much be your default Vault Disney content provider. Cable is dying and the future is streaming. I really doubt you'll see media companies creating brand new channels. In fact, various Disney Channels are starting to close in many parts of the world as Disney+ becomes the main source for all types of Disney-owned content.


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      Disney/ABC certainly could use their o&p and affiliate digital broadcast subchannels to launch an ad supported Vault Disney Channel -- like Me-TV, Antenna TV, Cozi, get-TV, Decades, etc. - they have the perfect nostalgic, escapist programming for that market. These aren't the same customers that are streaming.

      And there isn't much of this on Disney+ either. So why not let those who still love Walt and his classic library their own place to shine and find peace?

      Me-Tv is one of the only channels showing substatial growth in recent years as people try to opt out of the norm.


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