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  • Duel

    Anyone watch this last night? I thought it was a really great show!

    I loved how no one wanted to play with the Software Engineer who home schooled his two twins, Maximillion and Leonardo. :lol:

    I couldn't really understand why the single mom/student was crying after she won the round.

    I think they have enough twists to keep this show interesting, I hope it stays around for awhile.

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    Re: Duel

    I watched it for the first hour. It's a great concept poorly executed. Why? I'll tell you after these messages....

    Why does every new game show have to try to manufacture drama and tension? This causes the game itself to move so S...L...O...W. It doesn't help that they go to comercial every 9 minutes. The gameplay itself could be extremely engaging and energetic if only they'd let it be. The host came off like a spokesperson for valium.

    So, for me, it was a bit boring to watch. Maybe they will tweak it a bit, or maybe not. Seems so many game shows these days are just around to make the quick buck and then are gone.
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      Re: Duel

      I liked it. I hate that Deal or No Deal now has every new game show has a dramatic pause for commercials.



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        Re: Duel

        I do have one negative though, please get a host with personality. That guy was so monotone my mother said he should work in a funeral home.

        I do agree about the slowness of it, I think that's what turned us off of Deal or No Deal, just stretching out a little to far for my tastes.


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          Re: Duel

          I didn't like it - sure the trivia was fun but it was boring - I did housework while listening - I could have cared less about the contestents - there was no energy, it was just boring

          There are very few game shows that I like, there are so many of them now, most make absolutely no sense - BUT because of the writers strike they want something to fill the hours and this is gonna be it! Reality shows and game shows - yuck! I can take only so many reality shows.....
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            Re: Duel

            I hate the host.
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              Re: Duel

              Agree. Blah host.