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Miss America Contest has gone "Real World" on us


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  • Miss America Contest has gone "Real World" on us

    TLC (The Learning Channel) is showing the "new"
    Miss America Pagaent ~ Yes, the pagaent which
    Burt Parks sang "There she is , Miss America"
    year after year, has sunk to a new low. The Miss
    America show, has literally become a "REALITY SHOW".

    They are trying to get rid of the "plastic Barbie image"
    that has been Miss America. TLC will broadcast the
    final show on January 26th. Of course, Miss America
    always had preliminary contests, BUT now we get to
    see these segments broadcast as contests to see
    which contestants get priviledged use of 7 showers,
    which contestant suffers an asthma attack, doesn't
    go "diva" and is reward for that, you can see Miss
    Florida break down as she fears jumping into a swimming
    pool and does "go diva". Then of course, one winning
    team gets "special makeovers", because of course winning
    at the state level means that they really have learned how
    to dress, do their hair and make up, AND be real!

    This show really shows how bad a contest the Miss America
    contest is. And exposes it even further.

    I can't wait until the episode where they make the contestants
    walk a construction beam between two highrises, get covered
    in a container with roaches and mice, and eat rocky mountain
    oysters. oh, yeah, Miss America goes Fear Factor!

    Ugggggh! They would just be better off stopping the
    Miss America contest, altogether.
    Critter Country's a mess ev'r since the Country Bears were kicked out. Ya can't cover pooh with honey and 'spect people ta like it.
    An Adventurers It's Time to Put the Spotlight Back on Bring Back the REAL Disney Gallery
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    Re: Miss America Contest has gone &quot;Real World&quot; on us

    and you know what, I'm enjoying it.

    I was one of those little girls who counted the days till Miss America, but then I began to not care. Not because I outgrew it, because I realized how fake it was.

    This show you actually see these women have personalities and are not "barbies" as they keep calling them.


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      Re: Miss America Contest has gone &quot;Real World&quot; on us

      I saw the first episode and somewhat enjoyed how the show was making fun of the girls, their makeup, hair, clothes, the fact that one of them couldn't even find her own state flag :lol:. Someone has to tell them they've got too much make up on! I guess that does just go to show how irrelevant the pageant is since they had to create this show to ridicule their own image.


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