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Regis & Kelly Live - I went today and there are photos


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  • Regis & Kelly Live - I went today and there are photos

    I have been a fan of Regis Philbin since his days in Los Angeles and have watched him with Kathy Lee and now Kelly. Several weeks ago they announced on the show that they would be broadcasting a week of shows from LA and to go online to request tickets. This was great because when they were here last year I could not find a way to order tickets. I requested tickets for the only really "live" show they were doing and that was today at 6 AM.

    A photo of my ticket that Regis signed:

    So I got up at 3 AM and left my house in Lakewood a little after 4 and arrived at the KABC studios in Glendale at 4:45. There were already 86 people there as my number was 87. They had some things for sale and I purchased a mug and a T-shirt. The first 50 people had already been called in to be seated and then about 5 minutes later they called the next 50. The studio seats about 245 in very small chairs. We started out in the cafeteria across the street and so we were walked across to the studio and through the metal detector, down somel hallways and then outside again and then into the sound stage where they had a set similar to their NY set.

    Because I was alone they gave me priority seating but I ended up sitting next to a very large woman who was also sitting on part of my chair (and I am not exactly small myself) so when more people came and sat on my other side, it was a very tight fit. I had a fairly good view of everything and managed to get some decent photos. We were not allowed to take flash photos during the show but we could flash away during the commercial breaks. I was able to set my camera on a ledge in front of me and take some photos not using the flash during the show.

    First of all here is a shot of the KABC sign which is right by the 5 freeway in Glendale (these photos were taken when I left because when I arrived it was very dark!)

    and here is a shot of the studio from across the street where we parked

    All the news vans lined up behind the studio building

    A shot of satellite "things" on top of the studio

    This is what the back area looked like at 5:30 AM

    Our group of people heading onto the set

    Some shots I took before the program began

    Michael Gelman, the executive producer, came out to "warm us up" and give instructions about 5 minutes before the program began

    Next up: Regis and Kelly Live!

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    Re: Regis & Kelly Live - I went today and there are photos

    Right at 6 AM west coast time they had us clapping like crazy and the show began. These shots I managed to get without a flash during the host chat

    This next photo amazed me because a lot of the photos blurred. One of my best shots.

    During the commercial break make up was touched up and they were prepped for the next guest

    When they came back from commercial they showed a film piece about Regis and his experience on the red carpet. These photos show Regis and Kelly watching it on the monitor.

    (another of my favorite shots ... a close up of Regis)

    During the next commercial break Regis and Kelly went into the audience to sign things and have photos taken. I was stuck in the middle and could not get to either of them at this time.

    Back from the commercial and the first guest was Scott Biao

    After another commercial they brought out his wife and new baby

    They apparently have some kind of reality show on cable.

    During the next commercial break Regis came right to the area where I was sitting and so I got his autograph on my ticket

    The final guest was Sean Combs who is on a TV movie tonight, Raisin In The Sun. He was supposed to be the first guest but he was late due to the fact that he was at an Oscar party at Princes' house and he got a phone call reminding him of his appearance. Hence the tux he is still in.

    Here he is watching the clip from Raisin on the monitor

    He came into the audience and signed autographs and took pictures.

    If you watch the show than you will recognize some of these people from the staff who sometimes are shown on camera

    Up next: Those who can stay from our audience are invited to stay for the taping of a show. I decide to do that.


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      Re: Regis & Kelly Live - I went today and there are photos

      For some reason they did not have enough ticket holders to fill the audience for the taped show and asked us to stay if we could as there would be room. I was at the end of the crowd leaving and I really needed to go by my car to get my cell phone and leave my purchases. So by the time I got back over to the cafeteria I was made to wait outside in the standby line with a few others from our group who did not make it in. This time my number was 241. When I went in I was seated off to the side. Here is a view from that seat

      Not quite as good as the first time. And the background area:

      During the taping (which went by very quickly) there was a camera right in my view line and so I was not able to get any photos of the quests, even during commercials. That show will be aired tomorrow and the guests were Patricia Heaton and Kim Kardashian. They did not come over to the audience.

      Also during the trivia game the number the caller chose was 240! I was just one number away.

      But I did get a great shot of Kelly who came right to our side

      And Regis came up into the audience to sign more stuff

      I ended up being the last one out and so here is a shot of the empty audience area

      And the main camera area. I sat right behind this area for the first show and you can see how I had a ledge on which to balance by camera

      Finally I asked someone to take my picture by the sign in the studio

      Then as I was leaving one of the security guards asked if I wanted him to take my picture so I said sure

      The only other show I have ever seen taped is Dr. Phil. This studio seems much larger. Also Regis and Kelly are just as nice and friendly as they appear on the show. Kelly is even prettier in person.

      Was I on camera? Probably not from what I could see. I haven't watched today's show yet but I was sitting in an area where the boom camera never seemed to swing and the second show I was so far over on the right side no camera was ever in that area.

      It was a fun experience and I am really happy I got to see them in person.


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        Re: Regis & Kelly Live - I went today and there are photos

        Thanks for this report! I grew up watching Regis back when they were NY local... lots of memories! So great that you were able to go to a taping!
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          Re: Regis & Kelly Live - I went today and there are photos

          My ex-roommate went to high school (Brandon High, class of '89) with Kelly's husband, Mark. She said his best friend was cuter. LOL! She showed me his (Mark's) picture in her old yearbooks too.


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            Re: Regis & Kelly Live - I went today and there are photos

            Wow I can't believe they did a show live at 6am. I went with my mom last time they did a taping at DCA it was fun.


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              Re: Regis & Kelly Live - I went today and there are photos

              *taking my breath away* How exciting! :love: I watched the first 15 mins of Regis and Kelly before I had head out for work. I have to give you guys credit for being so peppy in having to wake up at 4 or 5 am.

              I loved the pictures of Regis' grandson, they were adorable and the last thing I watched from today's show. Was when that lady putted Gelman's name over Regis Philbin's Star. I thought that was funny. :lol:

              So happy to see that you had a wonderful time.
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                Re: Regis & Kelly Live - I went today and there are photos

                How fun! I watched the show today too - must have been a ton of fun - okay now you tell me, doesn't Scott Baio come off as really arrogant? Thats how he does on camera, just a real jerk really - Gosh I remember Kelly Ripa on AMC when she was a young teen, aawwwwww LOL
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                  Re: Regis & Kelly Live - I went today and there are photos

                  I did have a good time. I am feeling the effects now of having gotten up at 3 AM this morning, though.

                  When I heard Scott Biao was the guest I would be seeing I was less than thrilled. He seemed nice enough but he didn't interact with the audience all that much except to wave good-bye when they left the stage. Unlike Sean Combs, he did not come over to the audience. I also thought when I saw the clip how nice he and his wife seemed there and yet in the clip they did not seem to get along all that well. Their baby sure is cute and I was shocked that his wife has an 18 year old daughter from another relationship. She didn't look old enough.

                  I watched the show this afternoon and much to my surprise I saw myself a couple of times. Once very briefly during the host chat and then at the end when they came back from commercial break before saying good-bye. It was from the boom camera and is more of an overhead shot. My moment of fame :lol:I'll be interested in seeing if I get on camera now in tomorrow's show. I still can't believe I missed the prize by one number


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                    Re: Regis & Kelly Live - I went today and there are photos

                    very cool
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                      Re: Regis & Kelly Live - I went today and there are photos

                      I knew you were going and I am glad you had a good time. Your pictures came out amazingly well, probably due to the very bright TV Studio Lights. You really don't need flash. How cool you got his autograph on your ticket. Too bad only one number off though. But you had a good time as I knew you would.
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                        Re: Regis & Kelly Live - I went today and there are photos

                        What a fun TR!! Thanks for sharing, looks like you had a great time.

                        It wasn't me, it was Lisa! :angel:


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                          Re: Regis & Kelly Live - I went today and there are photos

                          How fun!!!

                          I have never seen their taping, but last year I was the back up caller if the first person didn't answer the question. I got the call at 4:30 ish in the morning and when calls come at home that early usually it is a family emergency, but this time it was the show. Unfortunatly the first caller answered the question correct, and the funny thing is that I knew the answer.

                          Thanks for the pics.
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                            Re: Regis & Kelly Live - I went today and there are photos

                            Weird thing - I saw some pics of P Diddy on some other site from the party at Prince's house and he was wearing some other jacket. I wonder what happened to put him back into his Oscar jacket and the tie? Makes the story sound better from him probably.
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