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Walt Disney's Way


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  • Walt Disney's Way

    Walt Disney's way was to take the profits of the company and invest them in new ideas and new projects for the company.

    I was just musing to myself that Disney had $4.8 billion in profits in 2011.

    It's staggering to think what Walt Disney would have done with $4.8 billion, since he liked to spend every dollar. Hm.

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    Re: Walt Disney's Way

    Howdy Pard,

    It is staggering and kinda fun to think about what wonderful things we would be seein' if Walt Disney had 4.8 billion dollars to play with, yep, it surely is.

    First, I think we'd all be enjoyin' Walt's concept for Progress City by now...might even be livin' there.

    Then, of course, Walt would be over there in Glendale stirrin' up new ideas, new plans and buildin' some of the famous old ones Marc Davis' Western River Expedition...

    But, I also think, Walt would be takin' a serious look at all the out-of-control prices around Disney world-wide...and I believe he would be bringin' 'em back be more in line with common sense. Walt wasn't into out of control corporate you say. I think he just might be much more focused on the "guests"...and quality...and stuff like that. He always was, and there is no reason to think he would have changed his policies all that much...they worked. They made people happy and that made Walt happy.

    Walt would be, by nature, focused on a better tomorrow for the entire world, I believe. He would be constantly gatherin' up new ideas, new concepts. EPCOT truly would become a showcase of the latest ideas coming out of companies throughout the world.

    And, I have an idea that the Walt Disney Company would be taking a serious look at the Space Program... the only reason a shuttle would be movin' to a museum is because we had come up with somethin' better..

    Yep, I believe Walt would still be inspirin' our world to look build a better tomorrow...a great, big beautiful tomorrow, you might say.

    And that monorail system down at Walt Disney World would have been expanded years and years and years ago. sure wouldn't be costin' folks no $85 a day to visit his parks anywheres in the world. Walt was focused on people a whole lot more than he was focused on profits...

    Kinda fun to remember his kind of surely is.

    Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail.

    Wild Ol' Dan
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