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Does Disney still hold Dick Tracy


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  • jsmith11618
    Re: Does Disney still hold Dick Tracy

    Based on a google search it appears that Warren Beatty has the actual rights.

    Appears he bought the rights in the 80's, then Disney optioned the rights to make a movie, then in the 2000's Tribune who had the rights previously sued Warren Beatty (Disney appears to have bowed out of it all) and in the mess of everything, a judge in the end ruled that Warren Beatty was the owner.

    Google Dick Tracy movie rights and several articles will come up regarding it.

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  • SparkChaser
    started a topic Does Disney still hold Dick Tracy

    Does Disney still hold Dick Tracy

    I have been wanting to see the Disney version of Dick Tracy for a while, I know it didn't do well but I have a tendency to love films critics hate (and I thought I could be friends with Leonard Maltin). Now rumor had it Warren Beaty (star of my new favorite movie "Bonnie and Clyde") is planning a Dick Tracy sequel and I'm curious if Disney could still hold rights to make the picture? I love how Disney is remaking their films that did not do well, you no fixing mistakes and doing it right. Thanks a bunch I just love those 30's gangster/big city crime themed movies!!!

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