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New round of significant layoffs at TWDC

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  • New round of significant layoffs at TWDC

    On the heels of closing the LucasArts studio and laying off all it's staff this week... news of more pending layoffs.

    Exclusive: Disney to begin layoffs in studio, consumer products - sources | Business | Reuters

    Disney Planning Layoffs (Report) - The Hollywood Reporter

    Disney Layoffs: Employees Brace for Planned Reorg | Variety

    Read the stories for the details.. but this looks like it will be a pretty significant reduction in force.

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    Re: New round of significant layoffs at TWDC

    It's interesting to note the reader comments in the Hollywood Reporter piece...

    Heres an idea---try LOWERING your admission park prices and maybe more people will boost your bottom line.....
    In order to boost his bonus, is more like it. Great job, Bob, put more people out of work, disrupt more lives. When you start your Senate or gubernatorial campaign, don't think this won't be remembered, bragging about your record profits (and salary) while ruining the lives of people who have been working so hard for your company.
    I'm sure it'll work out as well as it did for Wal-Mart. Oh, wait.
    Yea, now Iger is WORSE than Ei$ner ever was. Go ahead Bobby boy, increase admissions, food prices, merchandise prices, and cut benefits to customers!
    Heres a clue for Disney. Kids who do not go to your theme parks (because its expensive) are not familiar with your products. Instead they are more familiar with other childhood favorites think legos. Lower your prices so families can AFFORD to go to your theme parks and maybe the merchandise will start moving again.
    Going to be another JC Penny
    When I moved to L.A. 12+ years ago the first company I heard about (in a "stay away from them" way) was Disney. They are known for being cutthroat, that's how they stay on top. I have grown to reluctantly admire a company that is so profit, business driven and cold having such a different image to the public. They certainly know what they're doing as far as making money, too bad they don't actually care about people, really.
    How about another idea. Bob, take a pay cut and help the people that helped you realize an all time high stock price. Do the right thing.
    All the parks are full
    You'd think, as many people that go to Disney films, that they're doing fine!
    Don't they have all those resorts all over the globe, cruise lines, ABC, the studios, only God knows what else
    Aw jeez. Most people hire more when they're doing awesome. Mickey is not pleased.
    I think Iger should cut his bonuses...what a greedy company!
    "With the acquisition of Marvel and now of Lucasfilm,
    Disney may have finally found the grail. You don't need
    imagination or art. All you need is a brand."

    - Neil Gabler

    "I didn't know the story of baby Jesus could be any better,
    until Thor told it to me."
    Young girl at Disneyland's 2017 Candlelight Ceremony