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Iger Gets 35.5% Raise in 2014. Earns 46.5 Million

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    Re: Iger Gets 35.5% Raise in 2014. Earns 46.5 Million

    Originally posted by jcruise86 View Post
    Staggs might be great in the Roy Disney, Sr./Frank Wells role of support for a creative leader of Disney. Burke/Staggs or Lasseter/Staggs, for examples. I'd like Brad Bird to earn an MBA & a Law Degree and be in charge if Lasseter can't.

    Shanghai & Star Wars will both help determine Bob Iger's legacy. I wish him success in those. As a father, Iger might see the most important part of his legacy as how well he sets up his kids and grandkids, including ones yet to be born. I wonder if Walt' Disney's promotion of his son-in-law Ron Miller may have been even more about helping his family than helping the Disney company.
    Great points, and good questions. It's definitely possible that they did that with Ron's family, all things considered.