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Tom Staggs named COO

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  • News Tom Staggs named COO

    Today Iger announced that Tom Staggs will be the Chief Operating Officer for Disney (and thus more than likely making him Iger's successor as CEO).
    Here's a pretty comprehensive article for those who'd like to read more about it:
    Disney Promotes Tom Staggs to No. 2 Post, Positioning Him as Iger’s Successor | Variety

    Personally, I much prefer him to Jay Rasulo.

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    Re: Tom Staggs named COO

    Interesting about the supposed rumors of board members who'd like John Lasseter to become the next CEO...I think the idea is cool on the surface (he's more like a Walt Disney than other higher-ups at the company), but despite his creative credentials and genuine love and esteem for Disney tradition and animation I don't think he has the skill set to run the biggest media company in the world.