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Thursday rebound? (8/6/15)

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  • [Chat] Thursday rebound? (8/6/15)

    I started reading analyst's reports after the close Tuesday after reading a headline expecting an overreaction on Tuesday.

    since the stock had a record high close, I assumed that it was expecting continued rise Tuesday and was floored when I saw that it was down $10-$11 on after hours trading. I hadn't heard about the conference call after the close.

    I'm expecting that after investors had a chance to sleep on things, there will be a rebound on Thursday, mid-teens?


    there is already some recovery after the close to $111

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    Re: Thursday rebound? (8/6/15)

    It's still down, 108.55 and 108.10 after hours.


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      Re: Thursday rebound? (8/6/15)

      yeah, I saw it this morning before I went to lunch and it was near $104.

      I wasn't expecting the rest of the cable entertainment sector to follow Disney down the rabbit hole. if it wasn't for that, I was expecting at the very least Disney to hold steady.

      oh well, Friday will be interesting.

      I guess the past two days are a lot like the boat ride in Pirates. one big drop, followed by a smaller one. lets hope there is an up waterfall coming in the future.