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  • Staggs leaving

    Saw this in LA Times, so either Iger decided not to leave in 2018 OR Shanghai did him in. The fact that he's sticking around until the end of the year is interesting.

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    He really wont be sticking around til the end of the year. He will just be an "advisor" which means that he got a buyout which kicks in with the new fiscal year. He really wont do much of anything after next month. I think what it was, is that the BoD saw that he wasnt fit to be CEO next. I think what is going to happen is Iger will either extend again.. ugh.. or they will go get fresh, new blood from outside the company. Some sources online have reported that the BoD wants new blood in there, much like Eisner is 1984. People also say Kathleen Kennedy at Lucasfilm may be a good CEO or Lassetter but IMO the company needs them even more at their current positions, and I do not think Lasseter would be a good CEO at all either. Kennedy could probably do it pretty well.