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Yet another "Brazilian Disneyland" rumor...

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  • Yet another "Brazilian Disneyland" rumor...

    Several media sources are making claims that Disney is going to build a park outside of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil...

    And of course Brazilians on Facebook and elsewhere are going nuts over this.

    The gist of the rumor is that the government of the Brazilian Federal District wants to set aside 800 hectares (1977 acres) for a theme park to draw more tourists, and that having a Disney park there has been under study for years. Supposedly this is still just the initial stage, the government wants to convince businesses to build restaurants and hotels to serve the park (nevermind that Disney usually wants to build their own...) and to provide better public transport to the in bus lines and improved roads. Nowhere is there any proof of Disney's involvement, but insteat they note that the Governor of the Federal District is meeting with the Mayor of Miami-Dade County (ignoring the fact that Miami is 235 miles from WDW and Orlando, the city WDW is actually located near too...).

    Of course none of this fits the usual Disney mode of keeping their plans quiet until the last minute.

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    After the rumor spread widely across the internet, Disney addressed it later today saying that while they value the Brazilian market, they currently have no plans to expand there.

    They also corrected claims that the Governor of the Federal District was meeting with a Disney rep this week by stating they had no such meetings planned. Not the first time Disney rumors have popped up in Brazil, since 2000 there's been multiple claims that The Mouse was headed south. There's even media stories that Walt and the then President of Brazil discussed a possible Brazilian site for what would eventually become WDW. Supposedly the Brazilians balked at Disney's demands that they be exempt from multiple Brazilian laws and regulations and their property would be basically sovereign (sounds like the Florida set up but no proof of this even being discussed...).