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Disney Legends Class of 2021, Who would you pick?


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  • Disney Legends Class of 2021, Who would you pick?

    Some of mine would be:

    June Foray: June Foray passed away 3 years ago at the age of 99 and is undoubtedly the most famous female cartoon voice actress. As a voice actress for Disney, she began in 1950 voicing Lucifer the Cat in Cinderella, went on to do a handful of cartoon shorts over the next three years and also did voice work and model work for Peter Pan. She also worked on various Wonderful World of Color episodes and voiced Carlos’ wife in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. June returned in the 1980’s to do voice work in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and starred in The Adventures of the Gummi Bears show as well as Ducktales. Some of her last work was playing Mulan’s grandmother on Mulan and Mulan 2.

    Michael Eisner: Say what you want about the man but he saved the Disney Company and IMO did more good than bad. He made the Walt Disney Company relevant again back in the mid-80’s, helping the theme parks, animated films, live-action films, acquiring ABC and ESPN, etc.

    Who would be your choices for the next Disney Legends Ceremony?

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