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  • Ker-Ching! Big Bob's Boffo Buck$

    Variety: What the Media’s Most Powerful Executives Were Paid in 2019

    Some quotes:

    Media chieftains don’t suffer from low self-esteem. Industry titans including Bob Iger, Reed Hastings and Rupert Murdoch probably need big egos to believe they’re entitled to make far more than most CEOs at similarly sized companies — and much more for 12 months of work than an average employee could make in several lifetimes....

    But the period of outsize, some might even say gluttonous, compensation may be over — at least for now. The COVID-19 crisis and resulting recession have led to layoffs or furloughs at companies including Comcast, Disney and ViacomCBS, and intensified scrutiny into how their boards reward their leaders.

    “Change is coming,” predicts Rosanna Landis Weaver, program manager of shareholder advocacy group As You Sow. “There’s a lot of populist outrage over this, and this level of inequality is destabilizing.”

    Some have made a show of shared sacrifice by forgoing their salaries, but not the bonuses and stock awards that account for the bulk of their compensation....

    The new light casts unflattering shadows on some of the chiefs in our group. Take Iger. The Disney executive chairman’s $47.5 million package made him our highest-paid chief for 2019. It would take 911 years for average Disney employees — a group that includes low paid theme park workers — to make as much as he did last year. But his company ranked 858 among the 922 that JUST Capital analyzed in paying workers a living wage, 893 in charging fair prices for its products or services and 908 in paying the CEO fairly in relation to workers....

    "Disneyland is often called a magic kingdom because
    it combines fantasy and history, adventure and learning,
    together with every variety of recreation and fun,
    designed to appeal to everyone."

    - Walt Disney

    "Disneyland is all about turning movies into rides."
    - Michael Eisner

    "It's very symbiotic."
    - Bob Chapek

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