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Snow White and the Huntsman (spoilers) Mice Chat Discussion


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  • Snow White and the Huntsman (spoilers) Mice Chat Discussion

    Have you seen this, have you heard about this?

    Seriously though, Snow White and the Huntsman was very entertaining! I guess my only qualm would be the studio that made it. Universal is good for somethings, but not so much for scary. I feel like had Lions Gate gotten a hold of this one, it would have been a little more awesome.

    None the less, the story line was great and the acting was excellent. Charlize Theron was extremely intense and had all of the characteristics that I had hoped for in the Evil Queen. At the risk of spoiling, I would like to mention that they did a great job flashing back to why the Queen was the way she was, giving us the tiniest bit of sympathy for her, but not enough to not want her dead. That was a crucial job and they did it nicely. Obviously the special effects are prime and the scenery is as it would be imagined. I am not sure about y'all, but I found the brother of the queen to be the most repulsive of the "bad guys". Especially that hairdo; come on man.

    I remember seeing the trailer for this movie a number of months ago and a group of 40-something Moms were totally up in arms that "Bella" (Kristen Stewart) would be playing Snow White. Surprise ladies, she is a hot commodity right now and played the heck out of that role. She is not the Disney version of Snow White. I think sometimes people forget that this tale originated more than 150 years prior to Walt's birth. It's been interpreted hundreds of different ways - this being another way.

    So don't be bias like those old hens were during the trailer - see this movie with an open mind and enjoy!
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    Re: Snow White and the Huntsman

    I had a very different opinion than yours.

    I thought it flat out sucked. And let me explain.

    The story is simple, elegant, known all over the world. Being Disney fans, we know it like the back of our hand. For this film to be longer than 2 hours is unnecessary. But that's not the main issue.

    Here is a film with characters that have nothing to do. And when they have something to do, they're spending a great deal of time trying to decide what to do... rather than doing it.


    OKAY still there?

    When you see the title, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, knowing the story, what do you expect? I expected a lot more than what was delivered. Here is a title that is telling me that this is going to be a different Snow White. What was rather brief in the Disney version is given new life here. But that life was never breathed.

    The Huntsmen is brought in too late in the story, as is Snow White. Is this the Queen's story or is it Snow White and the Huntsman's story? As soon as the Huntsman is hired, he immediately finds her.

    WAIT... WHAT??

    Yah, right away. He finds her. And what happens next? Well, The Queen's idiot brother is what happens next, which is an idiotic story point. Then we spend the next hour following these two goons around. Does he help Snow White? Nope. Okay but he does later.

    It's a waste of time this movie is.

    The Dwarfs, as entertaining as they were, were not entertaining enough. They really don't offer anything to the story because too much of it was wasted getting to the part where the dwarfs show up. We know that she needs to go to the castle and launch an attack. That's in the previews... but it's silly.

    Oh and William. William is the boy who has known Snow White since her youth and longs for her. He sets out to find her. How does he do it? Oh, let's join the bad guys! Let's kill innocents along the way. Being a bowman, he probably helped set fire to several of those villages.

    And you have William, Thor, and Snow White.... is there a love triangle? Or even a hint of one? NOPE! They go about as if everything is fine.

    Here's another reason how this film wastes your time. In the Disney version, the Queen speaks to the mirror and the mirror replies. Great! Story moves along. In Snow White and the Huntsman, the Queen speaks to the mirror. Then a golden ooze pours out of it. We watch as it goes down the steps slowly. Then we keep watching as it forms a golden cloaked being. And then it replies. This scene looks cool but was unnecessary and probably cost them a good fortune.

    And I didn't even talk about the acting chops of Kristen Stewart yet. I don't feel like I need to though. This is a dull, dull movie.

    but.. the director knows how to make things look good. It has a great look and the effects are top notch. Charlize is great but often too over the top for me to buy into her character.

    This film reminds me of Tangled and Willow put together... and fails to be as good as both of them.

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      Re: Snow White and the Huntsman (spoilers) Mice Chat Discussion

      I enjoyed it. That being said, it was no way great.

      What really made the movie was Charlize Theron. She was just soooooooo evil.

      Kristen wasn't that bad.
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