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Bob Morales (Ritchie Valens brother) Worked With Disney?


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  • Retrocool
    Re: Bob Morales (Ritchie Valens brother) Worked With Disney?

    Rock Stars Die in Plane Crash, February 3, 1959 -

    From 1987 -
    Morales, 50, who has lived in Watsonville since the early '70s, once wanted to be a fireman and, later on, an illustrator. He saved many animated gels from Walt Disney's Buena Vista's studios when he worked briefly as a garbage collector, he said. (The film, however, shows him finding Woody Woodpecker and Buzz Buzzard gels at Columbia Pictures--"La Bamba's" distributor.)

    After many family difficulties and some trouble with the law, he finally matured and settled down. He worked as a counselor in a drug/alcohol abuse program in the '70s and today is married with eight children and is self-employed as an upholsterer-mechanic.

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  • Bob Morales (Ritchie Valens brother) Worked With Disney?

    So I was watching La Bamba and I wanted to find out more information about Ritchie Valens' brother Bob Morales. I searched him online and it says that he worked with Disney. Does anyone know what characters he drew up?

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