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  • Do it or screw it double feature

    Okay WARNING:

    This edition of do it or screw it has spoilers for The dark knight rises and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. There will be major spoilers this one so if you haven't seen these films leave the thread.

    Okay let's begin real quick on The dark knight rises spoilers.

    Okay so first off the story is mainly based on Nightfall, The dark knight returns and Long Halloween where it's been over 8 years since Bruce Wayne playedby Christan Bale has stoped being batman and became gone from any sort of press where a new terriost appear's called bane played by Tom Hardy. Also Bane was trained by Ra's al Gaul the mentor of Wayne and because of bane a cop called John blake played by Joseph Gorden - Lovett that he knows the secret of Bruce wayne and tells wayne to get some fresh air. Now also theres Miranda tate played by marion cottanfield and in the last part she is actauly Talia Al gaul but that's my one problem in the movie.It's because that i would say why not just have talia. Okay the likes is Anne hathaway, The bat, and of course Bane. Oh and one more spoiler. THE Ending! it has bruce carrying a bomb to save gotha But the auto pilot's off so bruce has to sacifrice himself. i won't give more spoilers on the ending but that's the setup.

    Okay now the hobbit.

    First off i'm giving some words about peta.... They're bullcrap! i'm not trying to be rude but I don't see any animal problems and as for jackson i'm on jackson's side. As for the movie i love it as the story, character's and actors

    although for nickpicking I would like to see the dragon more and second I wanted more Dwarf's! I loved the dwarf's but I wish I wrote the names. I'm not doing spoilers because the film just came out yesterday so yeah. for now i'm done but don't worry another review could come sometime next week!
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    Re: Do it or screw it double feature

    Knock yourself out.

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