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New "The Graveyard Book" Developments

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  • New "The Graveyard Book" Developments

    If you hadn't heard, Disney has been developing a film adaptation of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book (which in turn is a re-imaginging of The Jungle Book) for quite some time now. After Henry Selick and Disney parted ways not too long ago, Disney has been looking for someone to take over the project. So now, moving away from Selick's love of stop-motion film (Who directed Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach,and Coraline), Disney has hired Ron Howard to oversee and eventually direct a live-action version of the film instead.

    Thoughts? Questions? Comments?
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    Re: New "The Graveyard Book" Developments

    All I can say is "meh" (because some films do not fit a "live action" format)!! the Walt Disney Co.'s biggest mistakes in 2012 were -

    A) letting Henry Selick go (because he will go to another Film Studio & release another award winning stop-motion masterpiece) & I am confident either Universal, or Paramount will snag him up (both could use his expertise) ....

    B) doing a p i s s poor job marketing Frankenweenie, as well as getting merchandise out (after Tim Burton delivered them a billion dollar generating ALICE film, it felt like they let him make a 33 million dollar pet project, then ignored it). Within a decade, this will be another "cult classic" like Nightmare Before Christmas ....

    C) everything involving John Carter (& Mars should've been prominent in the title, as well as in the marketing). If this film got even 1/2 the attention that Wreck-It Ralph received? It wouldn't have been such a box office dud ....

    D) losing Artists / Animators Glen Keane and Brenda Chapman (OUCH!)

    C J

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