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Disney Merger

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  • Disney Merger

    The Disney/21 Century Fox merger might not take place. Our offer was stock options only, and Comcast has, what appears to be, a better offer.

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    Originally posted by armyknife View Post
    The Disney/21 Century Fox merger might not take place. Our offer was stock options only, and Comcast has, what appears to be, a better offer.
    This is still under a wait and see News......but it is Interesting ......what outcome will be.
    Soaring like an EAGLE !


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      An all-cash offer would be subject to a capital gains tax, where as an all-stock offer wouldn't be (potentially making it more appealing). Also, from what I hear, U.K. regulators are significantly more worried about vertical integration being a factor in anti-competitiveness, vs. the limited horizontal consolidation view many antitrust officials look at in the U.S. Fox might still prefer a Disney offer, though they may want a slight increase in the value.


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        Also, if Fox declines Disney's offer, they will have to pay a severance fine to Disney(a few million to be exact). Disney also has the chance to counter Comcast's offer, and raise the bid.

        I personally think Disney should drop Sky News from the deal, as it feels like an unnecessary add-on, that could also interfere with getting an ok from the FTC(which why Disney can NOT buy Fox News or Fox affiliates, as Anti-Monopoly laws make it illegal to do so)
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          Disney just upped their offer for most Fox assets to $71.3 billion, up from $52.8b, more than the Comcast bid of $65b.


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            And this steam train is moving foward!

            Disney has gotten approval from the US Antitrust to merge with 21st Century Fox. However..
            As reported by Bloomberg, Disney's last major hurdle in acquiring 21st Century Fox's entertainment assets was a series of federal antitrust laws that will be reportedly circumvented by Disney agreeing to "sell assets to resolve competitive harms arising from the merger."
            In addition, it sounds like Comcast is still potentially in the fight.
            ... Comcast is expected to raise their bid once again in an attempt to acquire the assets... Though this antitrust approval was a major barrier in Disney acquiring the rights, Comcast could very well stand in their way once again following this legal victory.
            Fox votes on the merger July 10th(in little less than 2 weeks).
            Disney is reportedly set to acquire 21st Century fox's entertainment assets after winning US antitrust approval.


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              The vote has been pushed back to July 27th. Comcast still has yet counter Disney's Counter. And a lawsuit has been filed by a shareholder against details. Oh joy!
              It remains to be seen whether Comcast outbids Disney again, though for now, Fox is recommending that its shareholders vote in favor of Disney's offer.


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                More info about the lawsuit:
                The absence of financial projections from Hulu are one of the many among the complaint.