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    With the Fox and Disney merger moving foward, I think it's time to make predictions on what will happen in the near future or years down the line. Here are mine:

    1. I think Disney will eventually give Alan Horn, a "golden parachute". While Disney did score big wins at the box office this year, they also had 3 movies that underperformed.

    However, 2019 is poised to be a big year film wise, possibly with multiple films getting a billion dollar box office( Toy Story 4, Avengers 4, Lion King remake, Star Wars IX). 2020's slate, on the other hand, (Malificent 2, the long delayed Mulan remake and, the even longer delayed Jungle Cruise) don't sound as promising.

    2. Marvel will integrate X-Men into the MCU, instead of rebooting. The possible signs of this, is the upcoming PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 and how New Mutants wa delayed an entire year and half, for additional reshoots.

    3. Fox and Disney will fully merge studios, but in time. The earliest, I think will happen by 2020 or 2021, as both studios have too many productions that are currently in production, at the moment.

    4. Disney will let Fox Searchlight do their things, and won't interfere (leave the golden goose alone)...

    5. ...but they will interfere greatly with James Cameron and the Avatar sequels. Add how Cameron is an overt perfectionist and has an ego, and I can see a more hostile production, then Titanic was Heck, even worse than Apocalypse Now's production!

    6. With DisneyToon Studios shuttered, Disney will have Blue Sky Studios fill the void, making a trifecta of animation(WD Animation, Pixar, Blue Sky).

    Any other guesses?

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    Update to the above post^

    Prediction 1: Ralph 2 didn't join the Billion club, is still a sucess. Mary Poppins Returns has made it's initial budget back(excluding the unknown budget for Marketing) but was not a runaway hit. It's final gross is a wildcard, due to it being an awards contender. Verdict is still out regarding Horn.

    Prediction 2: MCU/X-Men development will start in January and last til June. No word on, whether they will be rebooting or not.


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