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2019 Disney Legend Recipients


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  • 2019 Disney Legend Recipients

    The following individuals will be recieving a Disney Legend Award next week during the D23 Expo
    1. Christina Aguilera New Mickey Mouse Club Member, Reflections Pop Version in Mulan.
    2. Wing Chao Executive Vice President of Walt Disney Imagineering, Vice chairman for Disney Parks Asia Pacific Development
    3. Robert Downey Jr. Marvel Actor, too many movies to list, (10 TOTAL)AKA Iron Man
    4. John Favereau Director to Iron Man 1 & 2, The Jungle Book 2016, The Lion King 2019, Executive Produce of Avengers 1, 3, & 4, Marvel Actor AKA Happy Hogan
    5. James Earl Jones Voice of Mufasa in Lion King 1994 & 2019, Voice of Darth Vader in Star Wars
    6. Bette Middler Actress in Beaches, Oliver & Company, Hocus Pocus
    7. Kenny Ortega Director of Newsies, Hocus Pocus, High Scool Musical series, Cheetah Girls 2, The Descendants series
    8. Barnette Ricci Disney Parks Show/Parade Director, Including Main Street's Electrical Parade, The Golden Horseshoe, Fantastmic!
    9. Robin Roberts ESPN & ABC news Anchor, Host of Good Morning America
    10. Diane Sawyer ABC news Anchor, Host of Good Morning America and World News
    11. Ming-Na Wen Speaking voice of Mulan, and Actress in Marvel's Agents of SHEILD, as Melinda May AKA The Cavalry!
    12. Hans Zimmer Film Composer for Lion King 1994 & 2019, Pirates of the Caribbean Series(1-4), Iron Man
    Robert Downey Jr., Bette Midler, and other remarkable talents will be honored at a special awards ceremony hosted by Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger.

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    True Disney Legends who have yet to be named:

    Eleanor Audley (voice Maleficent, Stepmother, Madame Leota)
    Bobby Driscoll (actor Song of the South, Treasure Island, Peter Pan, Melody Time - Oscar for So Dear to My Heart/The Window)
    James Baskett (actor Oscar for Song of the South)
    James MacArthur (actor Swiss Family Robinson, Kidnapped, Third Man on the Mountain, The Light in the Forest, Mosby's Marauders)
    Brian Keith (actor The Parent Trap, A Tiger Walks, Moon Pilot, Those Calloways, Johnny Shiloh, Savage Sam, Scandalous John)
    Verna Felton (voice Fairy Godmother, Queen of Hearts, Flora, Aunt Sarah, Gosspy Elephant, Winifred)
    Bill Thompson (voice Ranger Woodlore, White Rabbit, Mr. Smee, Jock, King Hubert)


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      Originally posted by merlinjones View Post
      True Disney Legends who have yet to be named:

      Eleanor Audley (voice Maleficent, Stepmother, Madame Leota)
      I'm really surprised that Eleanor Audley hasn't been made one, considering she is one of the classic Disney Actors.

      Out of this years' recipients, the one that was long overdue was Ming-Na Wen. During the 2011 awards, nearly every actress who voiced or sang as a 90s/2000s princess got an award, except Wen. Even weirder, Lea Solonga, who was the singing voice of Mulan, got an award that year.


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