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  • D23 Expo announcements

    As most of you are aware, Saturday is the day that the Disney studios do their biennial info dump. To keep things organized, we can keep track of all major announcements here.

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    Major Events(not all events listed):

    Friday: Disney Legends ceremony, Disney+ Presentation , Agents of SHIELD Panel, High School Musical TV Series Panel

    Saturday: Walt Disney Studios Presentation, Simpson Panel, Blackish/Youngish/Mixedish Panel, MYSTERY PRESENTATION, Haunted Mansion 50th Panel, Amphipia/Big City Green Panel with Kermit the Frog, Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary, Ken Anderson Tribute Panel, Marty Sklar Tribute Panel

    Sunday: Parks and Experiences Presentation, Short Circuit Sneak Peak, Matterhorn/Monorail/Submarines 60th Anniversary Panel, Disney Archives 50th Anniversary Pannel, Little Mermaid 30th Anniversary Panel, Tarzan 20th Anniversary Panel, Mark Davis Tribute Panel
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