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Megan Markle booked for Disneynature gig?


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  • Megan Markle booked for Disneynature gig?

    Amid the craziness of the resignation of Prince Harry and his wife, the Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle, a very interesting report has been revealed:
    The Duchess of Sussex already inked a deal with Disney before she and Prince Harry shocked the world with their "Megxit" announcement this week, according to a new report.

    U.K.'s The Times claims the duchess recorded a voiceover for a Disney project before she and Prince Harry left for a six-week-long sabbatical ahead of the Christmas holiday.

    The outlet claims Markle did the voiceover in return for a donation to Elephants Without Borders, a non-profit organization in Botswana that aims to protect the species from poaching.
    While the production was never named, based on the above info, Markle might be the narrator for Disneynature's upcoming documentary, Elephant, which is scheduled for a release this year, on Disney+.
    Meghan Markle is wasting no time embarking on her and Prince Harry's new career path amid their notorious exit as senior members of the royal family. 

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    More info is being revealed. Apparently, Prince Harry himself tipped Bob Iger off publicly, about Megan Markle doing voiceovers:

    While attending the London premiere of The Lion King in July 2019, Harry... had a brief conversation with Disney CEO Bob Iger that seemed to involve the possibility of lining up some future work for [Markle]...

    “You know she does voiceovers,” Harry can be heard saying in a video of the encounter, as Iger replies, “Oh, really?”

    “Did you know that?” Harry says. “You seem surprised...She’s really interested.”

    “Sure,” Iger replies...“We’d love to try.”
    Full Article listed below
    Prince Harry Heard Asking Disney CEO About Getting Meghan Markle Voiceover Work


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      Yeah as really heard she was not at all happy with the Royals. And really that she had to give up a lot. Like her acting career. As heard that Buckingham Palace can keep their family and others on a very tight leash.


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