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Iger earns less in 2019 & declines 5 million.


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  • Iger earns less in 2019 & declines 5 million.

    From the article:

    Disney chief Bob Iger saw his compensation for 2019 drop to $47.5 million, a 28% decline from his 2018 pay package.

    Disney’s leader earned $3 million in salary and a $21.8 million bonus, plus another $10 million in stock awards and $9.6 million in stock options, Disney disclosed in the company’s annual proxy filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission filing on Friday. The $47.5 million total includes the current market value of options and stock awards that won’t be paid out for some time and thus could lose value.

    Iger has also opted to forgo another $5 million special bonus that he was due to receive under a previous employment contract that called for the payment if he remained at the helm of Disney through July 2, 2019.

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    I'm slightly surprised that his salary was cut back by 28%*. I know the board has the ability to cut it back, depending on his performance. While the park division didn't do as well intended, they still had success with Disney+ and a beyond record breaking profitable year in film. Was it because Rise of Skywalker, did not make its projected gross(even though it still technically made it's money and more back)?

    It should be noted who got increases. Christine McCarthy (CFO) and Alan Braverman (Senior VP/Counsel) both got increases in their salary. I wonder if any of the board members considers either of them, a potential successor to Iger.

    *Yes, even if his salary was cut back, I know he's not poor by any means.
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