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Vastly disappointed in GQ and Disney/Lucasfilm marketing using Star Wars characters


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  • [Chat] Vastly disappointed in GQ and Disney/Lucasfilm marketing using Star Wars characters

    I will not post directly to the photo series since quite outside the boundaries of family-friendly material allowed here, but googling Star Wars and the GQ name will bring it up easily enough, sadly.

    Apparently the Amy Schumer photoset for GQ in support of a movie Disney or Lucas not even involved with (a Judd Apatow picture), yet somehow marketing departments signed off on it all the same - I am just disgusted by this, as no quality control and nothing 'funny' about it, scrabbling for a marketing segment that is rather sexist and demeaning, and absolutely no connection to the mostly stellar 'canon' promotions happening for The Force Awakens.

    I sincerely hope this results in marketing staff getting fired and Disney taking a long look at their practices - this leaves a really sour, bad taste in my mouth in tying this kind of thing to Star Wars just for 'laughs' with zero regard for the fact the movies are family adventures and beloved cornerstones of accessible sci-fi for people of all ages and genders. This use is disgusting and shrill, crass, and thoughtless. I hope this picks up steam in mainstream media as being unacceptable and absurd to combine with Disney approved marketing.
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    This is an old post so I'm not sure what reporting you've seen since the GQ photos were released. Disney wasn't involved wth the photo shoot and the use of their characters wasn't sanctioned. But their use in this context is protected as parody, therefore legal recourse can't be taken.


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      I was pretty sure it was common knowledge to never take Amy Schumer seriously, or any comedian for than matter. It's like being outraged at an episode of South Park. I don't see GQ or Amy reaching their children demographic anytime soon either.

      Plus, Disney had no connection with that cover. It would have been tasteless if so I agree, but making a bunch of people loose their jobs over your opinion is a bit extreme. Quick to jump on Disney, especially since the cover came out almost half a year ago so all the information can be easily found. Some time ago, in a galaxy not too far, far away, Princess Leia's costume in a certain movie would probably have had your same reaction.


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