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Is Disney Killing Pixar and Marvel?


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  • Is Disney Killing Pixar and Marvel?

    I thought this was an interesting article.

    Is Disney Killing Pixar and Marvel? - DailyFinance

    Between this and another article on John Carter, I realized Disney's strategy everywhere is all the same.

    Big Tent pole, lots of risk, and nothing else. They're criticized for doing it in movies...and they're doing it in theme parks too. Big Fantasyland, Big Avatar, Big DCA Redo, no little attractions that help fill out a park or keep things fresh consistently. Just big expansions once every long years.

    Big payoff when they are right. Spectacular failure when they are wrong. I wish I could find the other article on John Carter. It basically said 2013 better blow people away (WD Pictures) or Rick Ross is done.

    Thoughts on this?

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