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Daredevil could leave Fox for Disney's Marvel


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  • Daredevil could leave Fox for Disney's Marvel

    Daredevil could be on its way back to Marvel Studios after many years at 20th Century Fox.

    The comics property had been in very active development at Fox, which was fast-tracking a project with Joe CarnahanBorn Again storyline, a gritty crime saga written by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli.

    Ben Affleck), but under the terms of the deal it has to put a movie into production by early October. Earlier this summer, the studio lost director David Slade and quickly brought on Carnahan, who helmed The A-Team for the studio. Fox has already asked for and received two deadline extensions from Marvel.

    If the character does swing back to Marvel, it will be the latest hero to come home. The company historically licensed out its characters and in the late 1990s made a series of deals that have enriched studios across Hollywood. Fox snagged the X-Men line as well as the Fantastic Four and Daredevil universes.

    With the subsequent creation of Marvel Studios, the company began a slow and quiet process of reacquiring its library. Iron Man came from New Line while Hulk was returned from Universal, for example.

    More recently, Marvel welcomed Blade back from New Line, which made a trilogy starring Wesley Snipes as well as a TV series.

    The Born Again storyline, by contrast, saw a long-time character become a porn actress-junkie, and the hero was pushed to the edge of madness. Both these character traits would be seem to be unbecoming of a Disney adaptation. Perhaps Disney will bring back the Stilt-Man and the Owl.
    Fox's Daredevil Rights On Verge of Reverting to Marvel As Ticking Clock Looms (Video) - Hollywood Reporter
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    Re: Daredevil could leave Fox for Disney's Marvel

    I think Marvel can pull it off too...maybe not as dark..but for me dark is not always as memorable as "fun" on a comic movie
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