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Quicksilver Is Pulling Double Duty!!!


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  • News Quicksilver Is Pulling Double Duty!!!

    Got another one for ya, Marvel fans!!!

    Movie Pictures | Movie Posters - Yahoo! Movies

    The complicated (and extremely unfortunate) issue of which movie studios own the screen rights to what Marvel properties may be coming to a head with news that the character of Quicksilver is currently running (really fast, of course) back and forth between Fox and Disney.

    Quicksilver's upcoming big-screen incarnation was first referenced at last month's Hollywood premiere of "Iron Man 3," where "Marvel's The Avengers" director Joss Whedon mentioned that he had written a "brother-sister act" into the script for the "Avengers" sequel ... which immediately had fans speculating that he meant the popular mutant sibling duo of Quicksilver, who is able to move and think at super-sonic speeds, and Scarlet Witch, who's able to manipulate probability and reality via her "hexes."

    A week later, Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige seemed to respond in the affirmative to questions regarding the characters being written into "The Avengers 2," though he emphasized that nothing's set in stone until the final draft of the script has been locked.

    "I'm not confirming or denying," said Feige to Entertainment Weekly. "The draft could change six months from now."
    Well, that draft may indeed have to change a lot sooner than six months from now, as today director Bryan Singer announced via Twitter"Big Hero 6," which will hit theaters in November 2014. One of the members of that super-team is Silver Samurai, a character who will be featured this summer in Fox's "The Wolverine." Might that character be crossing the studio streams as well?

    As far as Quicksilver, if it ends up just being an issue of who gets there first, then Fox has the advantage with a July 2014 release date for "X-Men: Days of Future Past" vs. Disney/Marvel's May 2015 bow for "The Avengers 2."
    This just gets more and more interesting.
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