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Phase 4 Predicton Schedule


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  • Phase 4 Predicton Schedule

    Disney/Marvel have been in Radio Silence over the next movies in the MCU(AKA Phase 4). However, they are expected to reveal more at either San Diego Comic Con and/or D23. So in the time being, let's guess on what's on their itinerary.

    1 Black Widow Prequel-May
    2. The Eternals-November

    2020, is an easy year to predict as only 2 movies will be released(excluding New Mutants). Both movies are currently in development, with the Black Widow prequel already filming and The Eternals(Greek Mythos meet Space) will begin filming in August.

    1. Doctor Strange 2-February?
    2. Shang-Chi-May
    3. Guardians Vol.3-November?
    4(?). Spider-Man 3-Summer or Fall?

    Doctor Strange 2 (which is long over due) is currently the only film to begin filming next year, at the moment, giving it a guaranteed 2021 date.

    Shang-Chi, is the MCU's First Asian led Superhero film. Production has been 'fast-tracked', meaning it will likely come out sooner than later. In addition, I think it will get the May 2020 date, in time for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month as Black Panther was released in February (Black History Month) and Captain Marvel in March (Women History Month)

    GOTG 3 was supposed be released next year, but was delayed due to the James Gunn controversy. Filming will begin after whenever production on Sucide Squad 2 wraps, which Gunn is directing.

    And finally, Spider-Man 3 might be released this year. Unlike with Spiderman 2, Sony has not prescheduled a date for Spidey 3, making it hard to predict. In addition contract negotiations may be needed for Disney/Marvel and Sony, for the film to move forward.

    1. Black Panther 2-Februrary or Earlier/Later
    2. Avenger 5-May
    3. Ant Man 3, Captain Marvel 2, or X-Men/Fantastic 4 property-November

    Disney might either release Black Panther in the November 2021 or 2022 slot, in time for Oscar Season, or they may choose the February 2022 slot.

    While not confirmed, I think Avengers 5 will be released in May 2022, to concide with the 10 year anniversary of the 1st Avengers.

    And finally, lAnt-Man and Captain Marvel are likely to get sequels, the question is when? In addition, questions on when (or if) the Fantastic 4 and X-Men properties finally cross over into the MCU.

    What are your thoughts and guesses?

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    Update: I'm happy to announce that I was wrong to some degree, as Thor 4 has started development. We should know the upcoming schedule by Saturday.