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Is there more to Ratatouille, then we think?


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  • Is there more to Ratatouille, then we think?

    An Animated Dissection: Does Ratatouille contain metaphors for The Walt Disney Company? | The Entertainment Nut

    Seeing that PIXAR connection theory, I decided to throw out this blog post that I made over a year ago. I've theorized for awhile regarding the story that was done for Ratatouille.

    The film was poised at a precipitous time as the Disney/PIXAR connection was coming under some intense negotiations. Plus, word was the story for the film was in turmoil, to the point that Brad Bird was called in to take the helm.

    Given what Brad most likely knew regarding these two studios, isn't it obvious the theory in my link may hold some merit? I've never heard anyone else posit the theory like I have.

    So, am I crazy, or have I possibly uncovered something?
    The list of Disney people I've encountered in my life: John Lasseter, Brad Bird, Lee Unkrich, Darla K Anderson, Eric Goldberg, Don Hahn, Peter Schneider, Burney Mattinson, John Musker, Ron Clements, Nik Ranieri, John Kahrs, Jeff Turley, Patrick Osbourne, Dave Bossert, Roy P Disney.

    People I would love to meet in person: Glen Keane, Andreas Deja.

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    Re: Is there more to Ratatouille, then we think?

    Nice analysis! Everything fits very well ('tho I agree the first Steve Jobs connection is a bit of a stretch) and is well thought out. That being said, much like Nostradamus' predicrtions, it is easy to "read" things into stories/movies after the fact. Whether the connections you list are coincidental or intented, the post is very well done. Bravo!
    “That's the way a lot of things happen... You think one person did something
    but he was just the one to put the color on it." – Ken Anderson
    ​I'm blogging here again!


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      Re: Is there more to Ratatouille, then we think?

      Actually, animagusurreal made similar comparisons at the end of his Retro Rant Review of Hunchback of Notre Dame II (2 of 2: Retro Rant Review, "Hunchback II" - YouTube, analysis of Ratatouille starts thirteen minutes in), so you're definitely not the only one who's considered that idea.
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        Re: Is there more to Ratatouille, then we think?

        I always thought the health inspector in Ratatouille ​looked like a young Walt Disney.


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