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  • Toy Story Bonanza!

    Today, I took advantage of Target's online special on movies. Buy 2 get one free. Since Toy Story 4 comes out today, I decided to purchase all 4 of the Toy Story Movies. I couldn't believe that I did not have any of the Toy Story movies in my collection.

    Most people who are Toy Story fans have a favorite out of the bunch. I rock back, and forth between 3, and 4. 2 being my least favorite of the bunch. I know, that's where they introduce Jessie, and Bullseye, but it's just not one that I like to watch over, and over again. I did see Toy Story 4 in the theatres, and I was surprised at the ending. Told my grandson to not let anyone tell him what happens, because you do not want the ending spoiled. Tom Hanks, and Tim Allen do an amazing John, as well as Joan Cuzak.

    I never go out to WDW after they added Toy Story Story Land to Hollywood Studios, and I am saddened by that. I know that I would love it.

    So are you going to pick up your copy of the movie soon, or is that not your thing.

    Don't give away the ending if you have seen it, there still might be others who have not.

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