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Turning Red is Skipping Theaters for Disney+.....


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  • Turning Red is Skipping Theaters for Disney+.....

    Well...if Pixar goes on strike after this move, then Chapek can only blame himself:

    The Disney-Pixar movie Turning Red will not debut in theaters on Friday, March 11. Instead, it’s heading exclusively to Disney+ worldwide, a big subtraction to movie theaters that were looking to play this title and at a time when Omicron was looking to calm.

    It’s the third Pixar movie to skip theatersand go straight to Disney+, after Soul and Luca.

    The international markets where Disney+ isn’t available, Turning Red will be released theatrically, with dates to be announced.
    I barely buy this excuse. If Disney was actually concened over Omicrom, they would of delayed the movie to late Spring/Early Summer. A certain CEO is trying to inflate the value of Disney+, despite already having plenty of content for Disney+ this year.

    It also seems like seems likes a continuing slap in the face to Pixar. Better question, how is Disney going to be able to keep funding Pixar, if all their Films keep going to Disney+?

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    Forgot the link...whoops


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      I think this is very ridiculous. They could have released the film in theaters and Disney+.

      It’s disappointing to see. Also not the solution to their lack of diverse content problems.


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