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84 years ago today...


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  • 84 years ago today...

    Steamboat Willie debuted in Universals Colony Theater in NYC and sparked a almost 40 year career in the movie business for Walt Disney Studios. The world was just introduced to two of it's best friends Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. The rest as they say is history. Come one and all as we say happy birthday to Mickey Mouse for 84 years pure family entertainment .

    See ya walkin' right down the middle of o'l Main Street USA

    "THAT'S R

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    Re: 84 years ago today...

    Howdy Pards,

    Well, there he is...all these years later...standin' by Walt's side...lookin' off in the distance and dreamin'...

    I wonder how many children that mouse has hugged over all these years?

    That mouse brought laughter into the lives of folks who were in the middle of a great depression...a World War...a cold war...

    "Just a little personality assigned to the purposes of laughter." that's how Walt described Mickey.

    Could there truly be any higher calling in the world?

    I have watched as children, trembling with joy, ran into that mouse's arms with smiles to be cherished for a lifetime. Makin' many millions of wonderful, delightful, joy-filled memories.

    And, I was one of those kids who hurried home after school back in the 1950' enjoy
    an episode of the classic, original Mickey Mouse Club...

    So...what do you give a mouse that has brought so much joy and happiness into your world for 84 happy years? What so many millions have given him over the years I suppose...our love.

    Happy Birthday Mickey...and...uh...gosh...thanks Uncle Walt...

    "Forever let us hold our banner high..."

    Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail.

    Wild Ol' Dan

    I can hear the bronco's neighin', I can hear the cowboys sing,
    I'd like to be in Texas for the Round-up in the Spring."


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      Re: 84 years ago today...

      Thanks for the reminder, OP! You inspired me to finally shoot video of this piece I have hanging in my living room and share it on YouTube. Enjoy, all, and Happy Birthday, Mickey!


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        Re: 84 years ago today...

        Awesome vid!
        For the love of Disney....:yea:


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          Re: 84 years ago today...

          I remember seeing that piece at the park! Thanks for sharing!

          And HBMM!
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