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Lone Ranger Review: A Symbol of a Train Wreck


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  • Lone Ranger Review: A Symbol of a Train Wreck

    ? Django UnchainedThe Lone Ranger.

    The Lone Ranger has had a long tradition of stories that have been told through radio shows, film serials, novels, and even television series. So when I found out that Gore Verbinski (the director of the Pirates of the Caribbean films) was going to be behind it, my expectations were high to see the ranger and his Indian Tonto in a more gritty and darker light. So what do they do with The Lone RangerJohn Carter was an example of Disney micromanaging a film too much, then The Lone RangerThe Lone Ranger is a like a newly discovered silver mine. It looks good, but they presented it to the public before cleaning it up. The masked hero and his Indian deserve better then this.

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    Re: Lone Ranger Review: A Symbol of a Train Wreck

    I think your review is kind. I just saw the movie on Wednesday and was so disappointed. I, too, was excited when I heard the Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp were going to be involved in this endeavor, but instead of this turning out to be an "E" ticket adventure, it was a weak "A" ticket.

    The Lone Ranger character frustrated the heck out of me. Johnny delivered some comedic moments, but after his back story was told I felt pitty for the character and it was difficult to find humor in his antics. It felt like Helena Bonham Carter had a cameo more than a substantial role.

    The only thing that saved this movie in my opinion was the chase scene at the end. I wish I would have seen more of that behavior in the masked rider than the mealy mouthed, staid ranger played throughout the rest of the movie.

    It was a big disappointment and I definitely won't buy it. Sorry Johnny...but this was a box office bomb. It's unfortunate that you were a co-producer.
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