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  • Casting Disney Project

    We are looking for people with touching or interesting stories about Disney for a series of short, documentary style videos that will be shown on a Disney website and Youtube Channel. Your Disney memory may have happened when you were a child, adult, parent or grandparent. It can be a memory or story of any Disney creation (i.e. TV shows, Films, Toys, Music, Theme parks, Etc.). We hope to find people who have stories that are deeper than merely loving Disney on a superficial level. We hope to cast people who have been profoundly moved, changed, and inspired by Disney. If your Disney story is funny, emotional, quirky, touching, interesting or unique, we want to hear it!

    To audition for this project, please submit an email outlining your Disney story along with a current snap shot and your contact information to [email protected]. Make sure to mention what city you are located in and please include your contact phone number as we will be casting this very quickly and may need to call you to schedule your audition. If you are not in the LA area we can set up a Skype interview.

    If you are selected for this project, you will be paid $500 (+20% agency fee if applicable) to tell your Disney story on camera. That video will be used on a Disney website and youtube channel only.

    SEND EMAILS TO: [email protected]

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