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Confusing array of dvds, Disney classics, Snow White... etc...


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  • Confusing array of dvds, Disney classics, Snow White... etc...

    I've been shopping dvds, Snow White, Cinderella.... have read many reviews of the loss of original look to heavy handed remastering...
    sums up the many complaints on Amazon about loss of detail and modern cartoon look from the changes (mostly about blu ray) and,

    there are so many dvd versions of the movies offered now, I'm finding it difficult to sort what version has what on and what is worth the purchase or... what extras might I wish I'd purchased....

    I don't have blu ray.... not even on the list, I love the "making" of materials but I'm not interested in rap versions or some current music stars opinion of.... what the movie meant to them......

    do you have a great dvd of Snow white and Cinderella? what do you recommend?

    thank you

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    the only blu-ray release that truely suffers from remastering has been the BR release of The Sword in the Stone. They were so heavy handed with the noise reduction that a good 20% of the detail is missing. Otherwise I dont see too much issue aside from the images being significantly sharper than we're accustomed to. Pinocchio is a prime example of what high definition restoration can do. The finer details in the artistry are visible for the first time. Snow White also almost feels too sharp because you can see smaller details you likely hadnt noticed before.


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