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The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Hit or Flop?


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  • The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Hit or Flop?

    Does anyone else think this movie is going to flop? I mean it could be a hit, since it's based on the Nutcracker. I just can't help but throw my 2 cents in:

    1. It's coming out on NOVEMBER 2nd, 2 days after Halloween and last day of Dia le Muertos(And yet Coco was delayed to Thanksgiving..., oh the irony).
    Why didn't anyone point out that Wreck-It-Ralph 2 and Nutcracker could have their dates swapped? Ralph 2 will still reach $1Bil., even if it's not released on Thanksgiving!

    2. Who keep pushing for the darker reimaginings of children stories? Each year, there's a new "dark" film. And while, Disney has been "dark" in storytelling before, they've done it in moderation. Otherwise, it leaves you scratching your head, wondering why it's labeled a "Family Film"(I'm looking at you "Into the Woods!).

    3. Storylines....huhs?:
    A. Clara is hinted to be the actual "Nutcracker", not the Nutcracker in the trailer.....wait where was he again?

    B. Mother Ginger is the villain in the movie, not the Mouse king. And she's played by.... Academy Award winner Hellen Mirren. Did she loose a bet?!

    C. Knightley's Sugar Plum Fairy, who looks like Effie Trinket. Oh and she's propably going to be the real villain.

    Am I being too shallow, or does anyone else agree?
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    ...And the reviews are in! And they are.....not good.

    Only a whopping 35% of of critics on Rotten Tomatoes, gave the movie a favorable review for the movie.

    With the way the live action Disney movies have going this year (excluding Marvel), I'm wondering if Alan Horn will be given a Golden Parachute, and a Fox Executive will be given the position.

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      They are showing a preview over in California Adventure in the old Muppets Building. From what my wife and I saw we were confused on why they called it the "Nut Cracker". I thought it had way too much CGI. I didn't get a movie for "younger children" vibe, so I don't think it will do well.


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        And the Nutcracker did.....ehhh in returns.

        Disney's The Nutcracker and the Four Realms was looking for an opening in the low-to-mid twenty millions this weekend and it landed in the lower end of that range with an estimated $20 million finish. Not helping matters are critical reviews, which resulted in a score of 38 on Metacritic, and a "B+" CinemaScore, which is merely satisfactory for a film of this sort not to mention a dismal 41% audience score on RottenTomatoes.

        The Nutcracker also debuted in 45 international markets this weekend, bringing in an estimated $38.5 million for a $58.5 million global debut. Leading the way was a $12 million opening in China followed by Italy ($5.5m), Germany ($2.7m), Mexico ($2.3m), Spain ($2.2m), UK ($2.1m) and Brazil ($1.7m). The film will add releases in Australia, France and Japan at the end of the month, with openings in Korea and Russia set for early December.
        Even though all 3 Marvel Movies brought in over $3.5 Billion and Incredibles 2 brought in an additional $1Billion+, this marks the 3rd live action Disney film to unperform at the box-office, this year.

        I think there is going to be a shake-up with the Film division this year. I expect Disney will offer Alan Horn a "Golden Parachute" to retire, (instead of re-upping this year), and bringing in a Fox Executive, to take over. Possibly Stacey Snider, the current Chairwoman and CEO of 21st Century Fox Film.


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