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Aladdin - cautiously optimistic, or is Will Smith's Genie to laid back cool?


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  • Aladdin - cautiously optimistic, or is Will Smith's Genie to laid back cool?

    As Aladdin is my favorite animated Disney movie of the 2nd golden age for Disney animation, I have been cautiously optimistic for this live action version of Aladdin, and can hardly wait to see it next week! After seeing the different Disney variations of Aladdin, from the original animated movie, it's sequels, and tv series, to the short lived Aladdin's Oasis dinner show in Adventureland, complete with Cave of Wonders, to the DCA live stage version, to the traveling Broadway production of Aladdin. Each variation of the original animated version came with some news songs and presentation of certain characters, and additions and deletions of other characters, and other new surprises, jokes kept us guessing. So I really do hope this movie reflects the high action adventure, with characters that are up for that challenge. A lot of the focus will certain fall on the breakout character of the genie, and rightly so. However I still want it to partially reflect the actor portraying the genie. And i do have high hopes that Will Smith could live up to those challenges.

    As some of the background hope for Will Smith being able to portray the high energy genie, who has been locked up for 10,000 years, I couldn't help but think of how he once performed a Mary Poppins song, and made it his own, AND do it all in a high energy style: YES, Will Smitth did a Mary Poppins song for a 35th anniversary Disneyland TV special! Take a look at that spark of energy and magic he brings to his version of a classic Mary Poppins Song. This is exactly what gave me hope, that Will could turn the Genie into a high energy character in his own fun personality, that so many of us recall from the Fresh Prince TV show.

    Now, the 2nd video, is a clip from the Classic Aladdin parade song, Prince Ali! This is the song I was humming as I left the theater, after seeing the original animated verson for the 1st time 20 plus years ago. But after seeing this live action clip of Aladdin's parade scene, sadly, something is just missing. Will's performance just doesn't have that same bit of magic that we see in his Mary Poppins song. Is Will's version of the genie just too laid back? Or is Will Smith just more laid back performance because he is 30 years older now. Now, his performance isn't bad, but it's just missing something. . perhaps the director was being too tight, and not giving Will the freedom to to portray the genie, with Will's own style and personality. Just think, would the first Pirates movie been as successful, if they didn't let Depp portray Captain Jack they way he saw fit (or unfit ) to do so?
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    No offensive Will, but you seem not wholeheartedly into the project...

    I'm still miffed that Smith got the lead credit.Yep, Mena Massoud(Aladdin) is billed under Smith. You would think Smith would either get the 2nd credit or the last credit AKA 'And...'*

    This is a far cry from Robin Williams, who only wanted to be billed as supportive as he was releasing another movie at the time.

    I still think Gabriel Inglesias would of been a better choice as the genie, as he would of brought the energy and the ability to give impression off the cuff, like Williams did.

    *The last billed credit is normally used for a Major actor in a Supporting role.


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