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  • [Review] Disney Park Blueprints

    I found something online that I thought I'd share with my fellow Mice Chatters. I'm not sure if this has been posted here in the past, or if anyone already knows about this, but I thought I'd share it just in case. I was playing my Ultimate Ride Disney Coaster PC game over the weekend and I wanted to recreate California Screamin' as best as I could. I looked online for any kind of image or site that showed the track layout, and after visiting a few places, I came across this site: (Warning, please read my description below before clicking on it. Its nothing bad, inappropriate, or copyrighted, but I don't want anyone to have the "magic ruined" should they visit the site.)

    Disney Park Blueprints

    Basically, for every Disney Park, you can find images of "unofficial" blue prints of almost every ride from the Disney Parks around the world. Now, if you don't want to see how the tracks are set up, if you don't want the magic ruined, then please don't visit the site. I won't post any images just in case it could ruffle any feathers around here. But I thought it was interesting to see how some of them are shown, particularly Space Mountain and Rockin Roller Coaster. I wanted to see how RRC is laid out, but even with 3 or 4 images, I still couldn't make it out completely. Some of them are nicely designed, but some of them are not fully detailed. Feel free to have a look yourself if you'd like.
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    Re: Disney Park Blueprints

    I took a quick peek at the Haunted Mansion maps. The two "maps" drawn by kids are hilariously adorable! Thanks so much for sharing. I will enjoy perusing this site at leisure for quite a few days.
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